PT Department Recruitment for the Life Enrichment and Wellness Co-op

The PT department is recruiting participants for the Life Enrichment and Wellness Co-op for the fall semester. Participants will be assigned a student group that will act as your case manager in developing wellness goals. As our students learn basic skills in developing and monitoring exercise programs they will practice those skills with their clients. Students will consult with instructors on any special client needs beyond the scope of the assigned activities. Students will also act as case managers to monitor client goals and to improve adherence to activities. Program activities include:

  • General assessment of physical activity levels and recommendations for increasing activity levels if necessary
  • Education in the use of exercise equipment
  • Instruction in general exercises for strengthening and stretching
  • Calculation of target heart rate
  • Body composition and postural assessment
  • Graded exercise test

The main goal for you as a client is to develop the skills to adhere to a recommended exercise program based on standardized guidelines. Clients must commit to weekly meetings over a period of 11 weeks. This program will not provide skilled physical therapy interventions. If you have any recent injuries or illnesses it is recommended that you pursue skilled PT in an outpatient facility or in our faculty PT practice. We will assign student groups to clients based on the student group availability.

If you are interested in participating please contact Melissa Tavilla at ude.uanerb@1allivatm. Anticipated start date will be in the next couple of weeks.