Barbara Steinhaus Shares Arts in Health at Habersham Medical Center

Bedside Music1Dr. Barbara Steinhaus, a professor of music and chair of the School of Music in Gainesville, weekly entertains the patients at Habersham Medical Center with a wide selection of acapella songs as part of a new music program for the hospital’s long-term care and rehab facility.

“For those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, a song or a verse in a song can spark a special memory,” said Steinhaus. “Sometimes they are very quiet at first but then a certain song will connect with them and their faces light up.  I love it when they sing along with me.  The staff loves the songs as well.  I love to see members of the patient’s nursing team standing in the doorway, listening and smiling.

“On a local level and as a Clarkesville-resident, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share Arts in Health with Habersham Medical Center.”

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