Brenau Receives $4,700 Rebate from Georgia Power

Brenau Director of Facilities Michael Holliman and Electrician Chris Ledbetter picked up some pretty hefty savings for Brenau recently, in the form of a $4,792 rebate check from Georgia Power.

Brenau received the check for its investments in more eco-conscious improvements across campus – such as tank-less, on-demand water heaters, LED lighting and built-in dehumidifiers.

Brenau has participated in the commercial energy efficiency program since 2014. “We’ve received more than $16,000 in rebates,” Holliman said, “just for doing the things we would have been doing anyway.”

The reimbursement is nice, but Holliman said the bigger story is Brenau’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

“It’s less about the rebate and more about the impact on the environment,” he said. “Anytime you can reduce the need to generate electricity by simply reducing your usage, the impact has a ripple effect – not just at Brenau, for the community as a whole.”