Sneak Preview: Be More at Brenau

Faculty and staff in January received a high-level overview from the Brenau marketing partner Helix Education of a creative advertising and marketing campaign directed at adult on-campus and online learners called the “Be More at Brenau” campaign. The creative team at Salt Lake City-based Helix floated the idea to university administration late last summer and, following incorporation of university marketing personnel who will be working collaboratively to apply those ideas to other aspects of university branding, started showing the work in progress to trustees and a broader group of university faculty and staff in November.

In the next few weeks, as promised in January, you will get to see the fruits of the work – starting with these three television commercials scheduled to roll out in Atlanta, Jacksonville and other markets in mid-July.

There are three versions essentially the same commercial: a 15-second spot, a 30-second spot and a second 30-second spot tweaked to evoke the military presence in the Jacksonville market – a major prospect for military and veteran-friendly Brenau.

Sneak previews of the spots are available at the links below: