Brenau Athletics Expands with Indoor Track

Brenau will add indoor track as its 14th athletics program this fall.

“Based on how we’re competing right now, I could kick myself that we didn’t already have indoor track,” said Brenau Athletics Director Mike Lochstampfor. “The athletes are already here and the infrastructure is already in place, so we’re just adding onto what we already have.”

Brenau’s track & field team has picked up three Southern States Athletics Conference championships since it began in 2013. The new fall sport will not require the university to recruit a full team of specialists since the seasons do not overlap and athletes can participate in both indoor and outdoor sports.

Lochstampfor said indoor track will help with recruiting because some athletes are better competing indoors than outdoors. Not only is the track smaller and sometimes banked, but some events are different. Lochstampfor expects the track and field team size, now numbering 27, to increase by five to 10 athletes.“Our coach would like 30 to 40 on the team, so there’s definitely room for growth,” he said.

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