Jody Sperling Hosts ‘Dancing in the Arctic’ Presentation

Guest artist in residence and choreographer Jody Sperling spoke at the Brenau University Downtown Center’s Theatre on the Square Feb. 26. The founder and artistic director of Time Lapse Dance discussed her experiences as the choreographer in residence aboard the USCG Healy in 2014, traveling to the Chukchi Sea alongside researchers investigating phytoplankton mega blooms in the Arctic. There, she filmed the award-winning film Ice Floe, which in turn inspired her production “Bringing the Arctic Home,” which incorporates projections and inventive costuming to merge climate sciences with performance art.

Brenau Dance majors Melinda Cassiday, Annie Fox, Paris Hawkins, Kelsey Lyle, Sara Sharples and Asia Welch performed after Sperling’s presentation. The event concluded with a panel on discussion on the intersection of science and the arts featuring Rachel Shaw, Andrea Birch, Jessi Shrout and Rudi Kiefer.