Physical Therapy Students Pay Respects to Human Anatomy Lab Donors

Doctorate of Physical Therapy students gathered at the Brenau University Downtown Center Feb. 19 to show their appreciation for the individuals who donated their bodies to the university’s human anatomy lab.

“We wanted to give acknowledgement to and show our gratitude for those who have helped us further our education,” said DPT student Drew Huggins, of Fayetteville, Georgia. “There aren’t really words to express how thankful we are for this opportunity they have allowed us to have.”

To commemorate donors, a dozen students lit candles and placed roses on a table in the Thomas Atrium. They then took to the podium to share how working with the bodies have expanded their knowledge of physical therapy principles and given them a greater understanding of the complexities of anatomy.

“It sets the tone for students recognizing an individual and being able to appreciate the human body,” said Physical Therapy associate professor Jim Lewis, “before they even start working with folks in the clinic, the wellness center or the hospital.”