Spring Research Symposium – Call for Abstracts

The Spring Research Symposium will be held at the Brenau Downtown Center on Friday, April 22.

The Symposium Committee is looking for projects that fit into one or more of these topic areas:

• Community – Service Learning, Engagement
• Impose Upon – Interfere, Alter a Course of Action
• Innovations – Genius? “The New”
• Trends – What Is/ Was Happening, Group Considerations and Beliefs, Currency
• Improvements – Change for the Better
• Assessments – Literature Reviews, Measurements, Comparisons
• Discoveries / Epiphanies – Finding, Surprises, Illuminations
• Justice – Fairness, Righting Wrongs, Legality and the Law, Correction
• Inquiries – Formulating Queries Not Yet Answered, Processes Leading to Investigation
• Agency – Choice, Election, Empowerment
• Intersections – Meetings, Connections, Combinations
• Transformations – Metamorphoses, Dramatic or Protracted Changes
• Reconstruction – Rebuilding, New From Old, Recreating / Simulating
• Gender – Biology, Sociology, Politics, etc.

Abstracts should be no more than 250 words. To be considered for the symposium, they must be received by Friday, Feb. 26.

All Brenau students and faculty may submit abstracts. Students must submit their proposals to their project faculty adviser for approval and final abstract submissions must be submitted by faculty advisers via the Formstack submission form.

Forms are available at https://intranet.brenau.edu/institutional-review-board/research-symposium/.