Brenau Establishes WIT CAMPUS Chapter

Formally established on Jan. 19, Brenau University is now home to the first official Women in Technology CAMPUS chapter.

The group is led by professional WIT advisor Cindy Jackson, BU ’86, who has served as an IT account manager at Georgia Pacific since 2008. The faculty advisor is Juli Clay, chair of Undergraduate Day Programs at Brenau’s School of Business Administration.

Seventeen students attended the first WIT CAMPUS meeting, with six elected to student officer positions.

“The organization will bring professional women in STEM careers to Gainesville to talk with our students, provide opportunities for students to meet hiring managers, and C-level managers and other professionals at events in Atlanta,” said Pam Fountain, Brenau’s assistant director of development. “Students will also be able to apply for scholarships through WIT and apply for internships with companies that are members of the organization.”