How Scott Miller Turns Spare Change into Holiday Hope

Have you ever wondered what happens to the coins plunked into the Grace Hooten Moore Memorial Fountain on the front lawn of the Gainesville historic campus?

Well, for the last six years, they’ve wound up in the possession of Brenau University plumber Scott Miller. However, he doesn’t pocket the change for himself – instead, he saves the coins up all year and donates them to the Salvation Army just in time for the holidays.

While Miller – whose spouse is Brenau Event Services Director Danielle Miller – said he never counts all the pennies, dimes and quarters he rounds up, it’s nonetheless a hefty amount. This year, he said he filled up two and a half orange juice jugs with spare change.

“I know it’s going to sound sappy, but I really do see them as other people’s wishes,” Miller said. “By donating them to the Salvation Army, who do things for people when they are in bad times, I feel like it’s a way to keep those wishes going.”