Electric Vehicle Charger Coming to Brenau in 2016

To better accommodate electric vehicle owners, Brenau University has reached an agreement with Georgia Power to install a new charging station at the Gainesville historic campus.

“We’re very excited about this innovation on the Brenau Campus,” said Rudi Kiefer, Director of Sustainability. “Our students were awed by a presentation that Diane Harris of Southern Company gave last spring, showing them the cars they would be driving soon. It won’t be long until we have prospective students coming to visit us by electric vehicle, and this will be a neat part of our showcase.”

The station, which consists of two plug-in towers, will be located in the Jacobs Building parking lot, next to the entrance on Academy Street. The unit consists of both a DC fast charger and a Level 2 charger; the fast charger rate is $4.95 for the first 20 minutes, then 25 cents each additional minute, while the Level 2 rate is $1 an hour for the first three hours, then 10 cents each additional minute.

Director of Facilities and Logistics Michael Hollimon said the public amenity will also better connect Brenau with the Downtown Gainesville area.

“It’s just a few steps from 2-Dog Café, to name one example,” he said. “We’re showing our commitment to the community and at the same time keeping the historic campus in the public eye.”

With construction beginning shortly, the station is tentatively set to go online in spring 2016.