Ideas for Comprehensive Brenau ‘Brand Extension’ Taking Shape

When Brenau marketing partner Helix Education floated some ideas earlier this year for an advertising and marketing campaign that would be directed at adult and graduate student prospects, the company’s creative team suggested that parts of it might also be useful to other aspects of Brenau marketing. University officials agreed. Now, the creative staff of the Salt Lake City-based Helix and marketing professionals on the Brenau staff are working collaboratively to prepare for applying those ideas across the board in what could become the first major overhaul of the university brand identity in close to a decade.

“We saw this as an excellent opportunity for leveraging some great ideas for an advertising and marketing campaign that Helix was going to be doing anyhow for the benefit of the whole university,” said David Morrison, vice president for communications and publications at Brenau. “It is also an ideal situation for developing and strengthening a uniform Brenau brand for everything that the university does.”

The idea started at the university vice presidents’ retreat that occurred this summer in Young Harris, Georgia. Helix conducted a one-day workshop at the direction of President Ed Schrader to help the university leadership sharpen and articulate a clear, concise statement of what makes Brenau such a unique institution in higher education. When the Helix team came back to the VP group six weeks later in Gainesville to present a draft statement with research findings, the members also presented the proposed campaign, focused primarily on its specific charter for the university – marketing the online and graduate programs and undergraduate programs for nontraditional students.

The group plans to try to start rolling out some of the work product by late spring with the full rollout occurring throughout 2016. The idea is to incorporate the branding into all print, broadcast and internet advertising, publications, university web sites and social media activities, campus signage and a wide range of other materials.

Brenau faculty, staff and trustees got a peek at some of the early designs and concepts during the university’s annual trustees meeting at the Brenau University Downtown Center in Gainesville on Nov. 6.

“I think that Helix Education brings with it a myriad of talent, and as they continue to learn more about Brenau, they can help better serve us in their role,” said Vice President of Enrollment Management Ray Tatum. “If we are collaborative and continue to educate one another on our desired results, we can be successful.”