Day of Dance Draws Biggest Crowd Ever

Seventy high schoolers participated in the Oct. 25 Day of Dance – the biggest turnout to date for the yearly Department of Dance event.

Students and parents alike had an opportunity to visit the Gainesville historic campus and interact with the university’s Department of Dance faculty, staff and students. Fifteen soon-to-be high school graduates even auditioned for a scholarship.

Professor of Dance Jolie Long opened the festivities with an Early Bird Pilates session. Visiting Professor of Dance Madia Cooper-Ashirifi instructed a modern dance class, while adjunct faculty members Peter Swan and John Streit led a ballet partnering class. Meanwhile, moms, dads and dance studio directors had a chance to sit in on an admissions and financial aid session with Pam Barrett and BriAnn Hammond.

Results of a parent and student survey indicate the event was a smash hit; on a 10-point scale, the average Day of Dance attendee rating was a stellar 9.5.