Brenau Amphitheater Hosts ‘Blood Moon’ Viewing Sept. 27

The Brenau Sustainability Center, Mu Sigma Chi and the Department of Mathematics & Science are coming together to host a “blood moon” viewing on Sunday, Sept. 27.

The event, held at the Brenau Amphitheater, is set to begin at 8:30 p.m — just when Earth’s shadow will become visible on the moon’s surface. This “blood moon,” so called because of its deep red color, will not happen again until 2033.

Unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can be safely viewed without eye protection. For those who want a truly up-close look at such a rare astronomical occurrence, two telescopes will be on site at Brenau’s viewing party.

Would-be blood moon watchers are advised to keep an eye on this weekend’s forecast.┬áIn case of heavy clouds or rain, the viewing will be cancelled.

“Some doomsday prophets have consistently predicted that the world is coming to an end during a blood moon,” said Dr. Rudi Kiefer, professor of physical science. “It’s not likely that the ultimate cataclysm will happen this Sunday, but even if that should be the case? Assignments in my courses will remain due next week, as scheduled.”