Undergrad and Graduate Business Programs Draw Acclaim

Brenau’s business programs have recently received high praise in both local and national rankings, scoring high marks for their impressive enrollment numbers, affordability and high-quality curricula.

In The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Top Area MBA Programs rankings for 2014-15, Brenau’s 604-student-strong program came in at No. 2, trailing first-place Georgia State by just 20 students. In July, the online resource Master’s in Accounting Degrees ranked Brenau’s two postgraduate accounting programs No. 9 in a list of the nation’s 50 most affordable online master-level accounting programs.

“The business programs at Brenau University continue to grow and maintain quality in these turbulent times within higher education,” said Carol Evanco, academic coordinator for the College of Business and Mass Communication’s School of Business Administration.

Furthermore, Evanco said recent national exam results indicate the school’s programs are doing an excellent job preparing aspiring business professionals for the future. Brenau’s business undergrads posted in the top 10 percentile in finance, marketing and quantitative categories, she said, while Brenau’s business graduate students scored in the mid-to-high 90s in categories such as ethics, finance and strategy.

You can read those articles at the URLs below:
The Atlanta Business Chronicle link: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/subscriber-only/2015/07/31/mba-programs.html
Masters in Accounting Degrees link: http://www.masters-in-accounting.org/best/affordable-online-masters-in-accounting-programs (link defunct)