Human Resources Office Closed Through September

As of Monday, July 6, Kelley Maddox in Human Resources is out of the office on leave until late September. Please contact the individuals below with any questions in Kelley’s absence:

Benefits Information, Workers Compensation, New Hires and Exit Interviews: Lu Ann Williamson, ude.uanerb@nosmailliwl, 770-531-3116
Posting Jobs: Fatima Heravy, ude.uanerb@1yvarehf (Monday and Wednesdays 8:30 a.m – 12:30 p.m.)
Adjunct Processing: Kayla Moore, ude.uanerb@5eroomk, 770-534-6215
Tuition Waivers: Holly Reynolds, ude.uanerb@sdlonyerh, 770-531-3134
Student Employment: Lorene Pharr, ude.uanerb@rrahpl, 770-534-6273
Payroll: Angie Graham, ude.uanerb@2maharga, 770-538-4763

For any other questions, please contact Lu Ann Williamson at the above contact info.