Aetna announces a New Teladoc Feature

Beginning July 1 Aetna is adding the option to use Teladoc to our medical plan. The Teladoc service connects members with a doctor 24/7 through the convenience of phone or online video consultations. This helps members navigate and deal with everyday illnesses. As an affordable alternative to emergency room and urgent care facility visits Teladoc also helps you and Brenau save money.

Using Teladoc, members can resolve many of their common medical issues with a national network of board-certified, state-licensed physicians. These doctors can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication, when appropriate, for many common medical issues.

At a cost of $40 or less, depending on member cost share, a Teladoc consultation costs less than a walk-in clinic or emergency room visit. Members pay their primary care physician office visit cost and the plan pays the balance. Members do not need a referral from their primary care physician to receive services from Teladoc.

Participants in Brenau’s health insurance will receive a Teladoc Welcome Kit mailed to their homes around July 1. You can read the Teladoc FAQ (PDF) at

Want to learn more? Visit or view the promotional flyer (PDF) at