Rosanne Short Presents at Regional and Branch Campus Administrators 2015 Conference

Military and Veteran Affairs Director Rosanne Short presented at the Regional & Branch Campus Administrators Leadership Conference June 14-17 at the Longboat Key Club and Resort in Longboat Key, Florida.  Her presentation focused on what higher education institutions can do to provide support for first-gen (first generation in their families to attend college) adult students who may lack the experience or information that more traditionally aged college students have from parents who received higher education. Short points out that first-gen adult students who have previously served in the Armed Services face several barriers upon entrance into higher education, and are often overlooked in college and university’s efforts to support traditionally aged first-gen students.

The RBCA conference seeks to identify the recruitment strategies, needs, expectations, academic programming, curricular designs, delivery methods, support systems, and best practices to meet the current and future demand for non-traditional students, such as veterans.