Brenau Ranked No. 4 Safest College in Georgia

Niche, an organization that provides millions of rankings and reviews on colleges, K-12 schools, and neighborhoods, has ranked Brenau University at No.4 in the safest colleges in Georgia and one of the safest campuses in the country. Brenau earned A+ scores in the two security categories: campus health and safety and drug safety.

Niche Safest Campus ranks 1,127 colleges based on crime statistics and more than 330,000 opinions from 82,000 students. A high ranking indicates that there is little or no crime on campus and low drug and alcohol usage and students report that the college provides a safe and healthy environment for students.

The rating is a testament to the effectiveness of the 18-officer security team under chief Paula Dampier and Associate Director Marty Lee, who just received an award for 35 years of service to Brenau. “Other members have been here for years as well,” said Dampier. “Collectively, we have more than 300 years of police experience. We have members who are retired police captains and sheriff’s deputies as well as members who held various positions in law enforcement or security.”

Brenau also gets high marks for its on-campus health services in the survey.

The rankings also underscore the hard work that actually started several years ago to improve all aspects of health and safety for students, faculty and staff throughout all facilities on all Brenau campuses overseen by CFO David Barnett and his staff. Barnett’s predecessor, the late Wayne Dempsey, for example, was “Mr. Risk Management” on campus, getting the ball rolling with initiatives like retrofitting buildings with up-to-date fire sprinkler and alarm systems. It continues with adding new security features in facilities as warranted and including appropriate safety and security features in the new construction and renovation projects.

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