Brenau Update Summary Now Scheduled for Weekly Broadcast

For the past couple of years, all Brenau employees have received almost daily messages via email containing articles published that day on the Brenau Update online faculty/staff newsletter at As long-standing policy, Update is the official university vehicle for broadcast communication of non-emergency, non-confidential information to faculty and staff.

Starting Monday, May 25, Memorial Day, you will receive an email only once a week with a digest of all the articles published in Update the previous week. Each item in the email will link to the full article in Update. You may still click on the link to the full article and go directly to it to read it and, if you choose, comment or respond to the article.

There are TWO MAJOR DIFFERENCES with what you have been seeing:

  • The frequency: You will only get one email per week beginning May 25.
  • The length of the items in the email. Since there will likely be dozens of articles posted to Update each week, it will no longer be practical to copy the full article in the email.


  • The Office of Communications & Publications will continue posting articles to the website throughout the week in a timely fashion and you will be able to read them at any time.
  • You can still submit items to Update by going to and clicking the SUBMIT button at the top-right corner.
  • You can still RESPOND to or discuss any article by clicking on the headline, or title, of the article and going to the LEAVE A REPLY box at the bottom.
  • You can still print items or share them on social media.
  • You can still receive summaries via email more than once a week, if you choose. To do that just select “Weekly” or “Daily” in the “update your subscription preferences” dialog in the sidebar on

However, you will not be able to “unsubscribe” to Update or the weekly feed. For accreditation and legal reasons the university has to demonstrate that it provides information uniformly to all employees, so when you are assigned a email address, you are automatically subscribed. It is your responsibility as an employee to keep up with what is going on at your workplace.

The university created Update for efficiency and uniformity in sharing information in a timely fashion. It not only eliminated costly, time-consuming, and often untimely print or PDF newsletters, but it also became a deterrent to employees’ clogging the email system with messages broadcast to a wide group of people who often created “reply to all” responses that clogged the system more.

If you have suggestions for improving Update or want to share your ideas about this change, please do so at the LEAVE A REPLY box on this item.