Half-day Mondays Contest Winner Dr. Gale Starich

Congratulations to Dr. Gale Starich, winner of our “Half-day Monday Contest.” She was the first to spot the “typo” in the headline of yesterday’s announcement that half-day Fridays would begin May 22.

Dr. Starich reads the Update, which already makes her a bright star in this editor’s sky, and proves that she is in-the-know about the Brenau community. But she has climbed to new heights¬†by exercising critical thinking skills and participating in this institution’s process.

For her diligence, dedication and close¬†reading of the Update, Dr. Starich has won the right to take half-day Mondays* May 22 through Aug. 7. We had surprisingly few entries, but we’re proud of our intrepid Update readers who claim ownership of their workplace and its newsletter.

*Number of half-day Mondays are contingent on employees remaining vacation days divided by two. Actual Mondays may vary. See Kelley Maddox for details.