Don’t Make Our Owner Take Us to a Shelter

I’m Island, a 12 year old female tuxedo cat. My buddy, Petey is a black male cat and he is 7 years old. Our owner, Bonnie Kin, is moving and can’t take us with her. We understand but we are very sad and don’t want to have to go to a shelter. She has asked everyone she knows and has checked all of the rescue sites online. The rescue centers are full and have a long¬†waiting list. There just isn’t a market for used cats.

We came up with an idea that Bonnie thinks just might work. She will pay you to take us in and will throw in a Pet Smart gift card as an incentive. What do you think? Anyone out there? Anyone? We’re very low maintenance and don’t ask for much – a little food, a little water; change the litter box every once in a while (I’m sure you would change it more often than SHE does). If you would help us out we would be eternally grateful. Just email Bonnie Kin, ude.uanerb@nikb¬†if you are interested. We’ll keep our paws crossed. Thank you.