OTs Get a Pie In The Face to Raise Money March 31

To help raise money to attend a conference the Brenau Occupational Therapy Student Association has enticed four School of Occupation Therapy faculty and staff members and four students to get pied in the face as a fundraiser at the Gainesville East Campus in room 134 on March 31, 12:30-1 p.m. Of course, the actual pie toss will take place outside.

Who’s getting pied? The list of face-pie recipients include faculty and staff members Brittany Farmer, Wendy Holmes, Barbara Schell and Mary Shotwell and students Lance Barrick, Andrew Jackson, Allison Meehan and Emily Miller.

Each “pie-ee” has a container in OT Office Manager Tiffany Wilson’s office, Brenau East room 112. Every $10 in the participant’s container earns them one pie in the face. The two participants with the most funds will “win” an extra pie in the face. The containers close for counting on Friday, March 27 at noon, so get your pie money in before then.

Raffle tickets will be sold the day of the event for a chance to throw a pie. For details download the flyer (PDF) at http://update.brenau.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/LetThemEatPiefundraiser-1.pdf and contact Sara Cowden at ude.uanerb.regit@nedwocs or Emily Miller at ude.uanerb.regit@3rellime.