Dr. Schrader Cautions New U.S. Higher Education Colleagues to Let Logic Rule Sentimentality in Keeping Institutions Viable

In the wake of the financial collapses of a 114-year-old women’s college that by visible physical and financial assets appeared to be solvent, the head of one of the remaining female single-gender institutions at a national meeting in Washington, D.C. March 14 will advise new college presidents how to keep their colleges and universities afloat.

President Schrader will address some of his newer colleagues in higher education “corner office” positions at the 97th Annual Meeting of the American Council on Education’s new presidents’ seminar on Saturday, March 14, at 3-4:30 p.m.

In Schrader’s 10 years as Brenau president, the university’s budget more than doubled and its operating results have improved from a million-dollar negative in 2006 to about $5.9 million for 2015. Currently it is building new sorority houses, a large residence hall and an athletics complex for use by three of its intercollegiate sports team – all three designed to expand, not reduce, the women’s college experience. Brenau has also launched the second phase of ForeverGold, the largest capital campaign in history – funding for across-the-board growth in the university.

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