MLK Convocation Speaker Inspires Students to Allow Humanity into their Lives

AnMarie Martin, a Hall Country Sheriff’s deputy, advised the Women’s College student body “not to lose their humanity in the process” of finding their career.

In her keynote address for the university’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in Pearce Auditorium on the Gainesville campus,  Deputy Martin led the audience through the emotional story of surviving an abusive childhood, leaving a lucrative corporate job in order to find her true calling in serving others and facing the trials of achieving her goals and passions. She received a standing ovation from the students and professors for her powerful message about finding humanity along one’s path in life, and “an act of kindness can forever stand the test of time.”

Her encounter and connection with a police officer at age eleven inspired her to pursue her career in law enforcement, as she wants to be a protector for others as he was a protector for her.

“Being a minority, I still see division and confront racism every day, but we cannot let hate take over,” said Martin. “It’s not easy to just walk away from that. But when you dare to be yourself, when you find your path, humanity has to be a part of it.”