2015 Weight Loss Contest Reminder

There are only two days left for the weight loss contest initial weigh-in at the Office of Human Resources on the historic Gainesville campus. Contact  Kelley Maddox at kmaddox@brenau.edu to schedule an appointment Tuesday, Jan. 6 or Wednesday, Jan. 7.

Each participant must contribute $10 to participate. At the end of challenge, the employee who lost the highest percentage of weight will win the entire pot. In addition, Brenau will match that figure up to $250.00. For example, if 20 employees participate at $10 each, the winner would take home $400.00.

INITIAL WEIGH-IN: Jan. 5-7 (bring $10 cash or check).

MID WEIGH-IN: Feb. 9-11 (The participant  leading at this point will receive a prize.)

FINAL WEIGH-IN: March 16-18