Have a Green and Energy Conscious Holiday

Saving the planet and conserving energy is a good idea on general principle, especially  this holiday. Brenau paid $632,053.63 for electricity last year and it goes without saying that money spent on electricity is money that cannot be spent on more mission-urgent needs.

Please use good judgement on ways to close down your office. Here are three areas that might “spark” some ideas:

  1. Phantoms: Items that are left plugged in often still draw electricity. Look for opportunities to unplug.
  2. Heating and Lights: Adjust temperature settings if possible, make sure windows are shut and look for ways to keep the heat in. Turn off all lights.
  3. IT: Please turn off computers unless you plan to access them remotely from home. Turn off desktop printers and anything that uses power, including network (shared) printers.

Have a green holiday! Brenau, and the planet, will be better for it.