Kathy Goodman Honored by Peers with 2014 Staff Excellence Award

Called by one of her peers “a person who eats and breathes Brenau,” Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Adjunct Faculty Coordinator Kathy Goodman received the top award that each fall Brenau University employees bestow on colleagues for outstanding performance and collegiality.

Goodman started working for Brenau in 2008 as a half-time employee primarily supporting the university’s part-time faculty members. But in her role that was expanded to full-time a year later, she is the person who arguably has the most contact with all faculty members throughout the university on a day-to-day basis.

Unlike other awards, the Hagerman-Thompson Staff Excellence Award is given to a recipient selected by his/her peers. The award is named for two beloved former staff members: Dr. Ron Hagerman, who was director of institutional research at Brenau from 1995 until his death in 2004; and Ione Thompson, a senior staff member at Brenau’s Child Development Center who died in 2008, and was a winner of one of the earliest staff awards before it bore her name.

Criteria for the award include five years of continuous full-time service to the university and a high standard of performance. There is no open nomination and voting scenario; employees individually nominate a person of their choice with testimonial comments and overall results are tallied in secret by the selection committee.

This was the first year that Goodman was eligible for consideration. Testimonials by those who nominated her attested to her continuous commitment and excellence to Brenau through her great attitude while keeping up with a large workload and her dedication to helping others.

“She eats and breathes Brenau,” said one nominator. “From my first meeting with Kathy, I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and professionalism. I thought to myself that I wanted to be just like Kathy and have the same upbeat attitude.” Another colleague said, “She’s a joy to work with – no matter the issue.” Another added that “because of her attentiveness, adjuncts are in constant contact and feel they are a part of Brenau.”

Goodman has two daughters who attend Brenau: Abbey, as junior mass communication major, and Ellen, a senior biology major. Goodman has been designated as interim campus director for the Brenau operation in Jacksonville, which is pending approval by Florida state government education officials.