National Study of Post-Heart Attack Therapies is a Family Affair for Brenau Professor

At the 2014 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions annual meeting in Chicago Nov. 15-19, Brenau University’s Augusta, Georgia-based economics professor Rama Mandawat presented a study that indicated procedures to open arteries with stents were more effective than blood clot-busting drugs in prolonging the lives of elderly patients who suffered the worst kinds of heart attack.

She represented a research team that included internists Aditya Mandawat from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Anant Mandawat Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and a cardiologist Mahindra K. Mandawat from Charlie Norwood Veterans Administration Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia.

If you wonder whether it is just a coincidence that the four researchers have the same last name, it is not. The cardiologist on the team is Rama Mandawat’s husband and the internists are their two sons. But, since Rama is the public health research specialist in the crowd, this study was really her baby.

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