Weight Loss Contest Begins January 2015

Weight loss contest participants: Remember final weigh-in Thurs April 5Need a New-Year’s Resolution? Brenau’s annual Weight Loss Contest will begin Jan. 2015! Each participant must contribute $10 to participate. At the end of challenge, the employee who lost the most weight percentage will win the entire pot. In addition, Brenau will match that figure up to $250.00. For example, if 20 employees participate at $10 each, the winner would take home $400.00.

INITIAL WEIGH-IN: Jan. 5-7 (bring $10 cash or check).

MID WEIGH-IN: Feb. 9-11 (The participant  leading at this point will receive a prize.)

FINAL WEIGH-IN: March 16-18

All weigh-ins will be performed in the Human Resources Office. Email Kelley at ude.uanerb@xoddamk to schedule an appointment. It is preferable to weigh-in on the last day. However, if you cannot make it that day, 2 other days are available, as outlined above. All information will be kept confidential.

Each participant will be required to weigh-in at initial, mid and the final weigh-in to be eligible for prizes. Only dates listed above will be used as weigh-in dates.
Each participant will know where they placed in the rankings. (i.e. if participant placed fourth out of 13)
Names of participants will be shared with the participant group.
The name of final winner will be posted in the HR Newsletter.
The winner will be determined by calculating the % of weight lost.
This is a voluntary program. Each participant will sign a participation agreement.

Brenau Fitness Center:
Employees are encouraged to use the Brenau Fitness Center. Access to the Brenau Mile is also a great benefit. Each Friday the group may meet at 3 p.m. for 15 minutes to walk the Brenau Mile together.

Hopkins Dining Hall:
Take advantage of having a healthy eating option on campus. Nutrition information is available on all hot items served. Fresh, hot vegetables are offered every day and an all-you-care-to-eat salad bar.

1st place: The “pot” plus the Brenau match
2nd place: Employee’s April medical insurance premium paid by Brenau or the equivalent if winner is not on the Brenau medical plan (EE rate=$96.00 value).
3rd place: Participation Fees returned ($10 value)

Payout to winners: April 2015