Work Order System Ensures Prompt and Quality Service

Do you need assistance from a service department at Brenau? The most efficient method to ensure prompt and quality service from one of the university service providers is to utilize the Brenau University work order system. Each service department utilizes the work order system to schedule and maintain work flow within their departments. More importantly, the work order system ensures that nothing is overlooked.

While contacting the department via email or phone call is encouraged for EMERGENCY situations, you will still be asked to submit a work order. This will assist each department to ensure completion of service and maintain records for future use.

Which service departments utilize the Brenau Work Order System?

Location of 'helpdesk' on Intranet.Facilities Maintenance
Information Technology

Brenau Galleries
Business Office
Communications and Publications
Media Services
and more!

How do I find the work order system, you ask? Go to the Brenau intranet ( On the right side of the screen, click on Help Desk located in the black box near the top of the page, or visit Next, click on “Submit a Ticket” and follow the prompts, easy as that.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Information Technology…via the work order system.