Taking Charge: Diane Harris to Speak Wednesday, Nov.19 at Lunchtime

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 12:30-1 p.m. in the Hopkins Dining Hall Senior Dining Room on the Gainesville historic campus, Diane Harris of Georgia Power/Southern Co. invites students to look into a crystal ball at Brenau campuses in the year 2025 as she speaks about the rapid evolution of usable energy. You may see a campus full of electric cars. Gasoline burners are rapidly dwindling in number and the days of the gasoline engine will come to an end in our lifetime. Nobuo Tanaka, executive director of the International Energy Agency, predicts in Forbes Magazine that, “By 2050 the combustion engine will disappear.” To power the new silent, emission-free vehicles and enable students and employees to return home at the end of the day, charging stations will be needed very soon.

The talk is part of the Sense & Sustainability series, and it is free to attend. Faculty are encouraged to offer a nominal amount of extra credit to students attending. Students can receive an attendance ticket at the end of the talk.

“This is a topic that will be as important in everybody’s life as finding a gas station is today,” said Director of Sustainability Rudi Kiefer. “I hope that my faculty colleagues will announce this in their classes, and encourage students to attend. The days of electric vehicles have already started.”