Disappearing Furniture on Main Campus

The Facilities Department is supportive of efforts to re-decorate within reasonable constraints. However, administrators are having difficulty keeping track of university furnishings due to unreported furniture moves or changes to a configured event set-up. This leads to a great deal of dissatisfaction and inconvenience for everyone.

How can you help? Please be courteous and considerate of others. If you wish to move something, check with the area’s office manager before doing so. If the item that you wish to move is near or in another employee’s office, check with them before moving it elsewhere. If temporary tables and chairs are set up for an event, do not disturb the set up. Alert students about their responsibilities to leave furnishings where they find them or to return items when they’re done.

Before items are removed or relocated from your building contact Facilities Office Manager Raedelle Smith at 770-538-4768 to process the change to that building’s inventory. Thank you for your assistance in keeping the university a pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.