Nov. 17 Deadline for Workplace Survey: It is Legit!

Many members of the Brenau faculty and staff by now will have received an e-mail from the WorkplaceDynamics independent research organization asking you to participate in a survey. It’s not “phishing.” It’s not National Security Agency mischief or the guys who cracked into the Home Depot computers. This is totally legit. We urge all employees who have not done so to complete the survey.

Please complete the survey by Monday, Nov. 17.

Use the link in the e-mail top of the email you receive from WorkplaceDynamics to complete the survey. Each link was generated by the computer as a unique password into the survey for each individual who participates, so sharing links will not work.

You need not feel bad if you did not get an e-mail. Not everybody was selected to participate. Also, you can feel comfortable that your responses will be totally confidential. We provided the organization with all faculty-staff e-mail addresses (nobody was identified; it was just the addresses) and from those the organization randomly pulled the size sample it needed to conduct a meaningful survey.

This is one of several such surveys that Brenau authorizes. This one is part of an annual project by The Chronicle of Higher Education, so it is really specific to what we do. Another, by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, deals with all kinds of businesses and non-profit organizations that have about the same size staff as the university. All of these provide valuable data for the university to use in ongoing management and strategic planning, and some of the data from previous surveys has resulted in organizational and management changes that affect employees.