Ouattara Wins Best Paper Award at IOSSBR Conference

Gnimbin OuattaraGnimbin Ouattara, professor of history and international studies, was recognized at the International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research conference on Oct. 12-14 in Las Vegas as the winner of the Best Paper Award in Social Sciences. Dr. Ouattara won for his abstract titled “Portugal and the Curse of Cain: The Birth of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.”

Excerpt from: “Portugal and the Curse of Cain: The Birth of the Transatlantic Slave Trade” 

David Brion Davis, a “history dean” on the question of slavery in the Western world, once argued that, “It was the discoverer of America who initiated the transatlantic slave trade, which moved originally from west to east.” Recently James Rawley and Stephen Behrendt have insisted that, “It was the Portuguese who first opened the Atlantic Ocean, started the Atlantic slave trade [in 1444], and established the first European overseas empire.” This paper agrees that Portugal initiated the transatlantic slave trade but points to a different date, 1441, as the year in which this traffic began. Moving the beginning date of the transatlantic slave trade to this year does not just highlight an episode of this trade previously neglected by historians; it also helps uncover the fundamental reason why the Portuguese initiated this trade: the biblical “Curse of Cain.”

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