Publication of Dr. Robert Cuttino’s ‘For Goodness’ Sake: Principles of an Ecotheology’

cuttino coverBrenau Director of Research and Planning Dr. Robert Cuttino has published his debut novel, For Goodness’ Sake: Principles of an Ecotheology. Initially begun with his senior thesis when he attended Furman University, the book was a project about 19 years in the making, and explores how religion has affected our relationship with the environment.

Synopsis: There seems to be a huge disconnect between religion and the environment. In For Goodness’ Sake: Principles of an Ecotheology, author Robert Cuttino challenges hyperindividualized, self-absorbed, contemporary theology that insists on our favored status. He proposes an “ecotheology.” Cuttino considers, among other things, that individuals are not the greatest good, despite what we might think. He shows we may be, in fact, secondary in importance to the health of all environmental systems that make life possible. And individual humans are likely second in importance to the health of those economic systems that provide decent livelihoods and quality of life to all. Readers will also learn why just “greening” the Bible will not work. For Goodness’ Sake: Principles of an Ecotheology isn’t only about what will not work. Cuttino shows that especially for restoring the health of the most important system of all—the ethical sphere—there may be an imperative for Christianity.

The book is now available at