How to Post News In Brenau Update

Weclome to Brenau Update

Managers do it. VPs do it. Even those with Ph.D’s do it. Share your news through the Brenau Update. It’s easy!

Subscription to the Brenau Update is mandatory for all employees with a email account as the primary part of a risk management and disaster planning program put in place three years ago. Brenau Update is the primary organ of university-wide news including changes to HR policy, benefits, payroll, security, employee giving and general news.

The good news is that the Update is your newsletter, too. If you or your department have an event, announcement or message you’d like to reach all Brenau faculty and staff, visit and click “log in with your email address.”

The first time you do a window will pop-up asking you to allow access to your Google ( account.  Once you allow access you can log in with a single click any time. Once logged in your Google profile picture (if you’ve set one) will appear above the button and the site will welcome you home.

After you’ve logged in you can comment on any post or submit your own items for the Update.

To submit your Update item click the word “Submit” in the upper right corner of the page. This takes you to a form that will walk you through the process. You can even upload a photo or flyer. But please do not state, “See attached flyer.” Instead include other information to encourage readers to attend the event.

Our submission form expedites the posting process by allowing you to format your item as you want it to appear and then alerts editors at the Office of Communications & Publications that there is a draft post.  Don’t worry, your post won’t be sent out to everyone unedited.  At least two of our faithful editors will pass eyes over your post and make sure you didn’t accidentally send us your shopping list or an embarrassing personal email.