Brenau Regional Mock Mediation Tournament Sets the Stage for the International Mediation Tournament

Brenau placed first in the team mediation competition at the 12th annual Brenau Invitational Mock Mediation Tournament on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 10-11. The tournament, a regional program regarded as a warm-up for teams that participate in the international competition each November, featured representatives from colleges and universities in three states with teams from Brenau, Georgia Southern University, Middle Tennessee State University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Clayton State University, and Kennesaw State University.

Brenau’s team of seniors Genny Dogan and Suzette Meza with junior Sarah McAndrew, finished first in the team mediation competition followed by teams from Georgia Southern and Middle Tennessee State University who placed second and third. In the advocacy portion of the competition, Georgia Southern University finished first, followed by teams from UNC- Charlotte and Kennesaw State University.

Among the 36 individual mediator competitors, Brenau’s Suzette Meza placed second. Out of the the 36 advocates who participated, Brenau’s Sara Hubaishi also placed second.

The outstanding individual award was won by Shayleen Morris, a student at UNC-Charlotte, who earned the Elizabeth Baumgardner Peacemaker Award for both mediation and advocacy after she demonstrated superior talent at all phases of the competition with the highest combined scores. The prize was established by Vivian B. Lord, chair of the criminology and criminal justice department and the coach of the mediation team at UNC-Charlotte, in honor of her mother.

Georgia State University’s Tahirih Varner, the Ombudsperson at GSU, conducted the training for the students before the tournament rounds began and then the 12 teams then paired off in the three-rounds of mediation role plays. The judges for this tournament were mediators, legal professionals and others trained in mediation who volunteered their time to evaluate the performances of the student participants as they mediated and advocated for their clients in the various role plays.

Many of the participants will return to Gainesville on Nov. 6-8, 2014 when Brenau hosts the 15th Annual International Intercollegiate Mock Mediation Tournament. The international tournament will feature 50 teams from colleges and universities across the country as well as universities from Canada, India and the United Kingdom. During the tournament, participants will have further training in mediation and advocacy skills and will compete in a tournament evaluated by mediation and legal professionals. For more info about the international tournament, call (770) 534-6297 or email ude.uanerb@knarfk.