Continuation of Care With Blue Cross Blue Shield

Employees and family members with Brenau’s current medical coverage who are in ongoing treatment by a doctor who will be out of network on Oct. 1 may be considered for continuation of care.

If the patient has a chronic illness such as heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes etc., download the Continuation of Care/Transition of Care Form (PDF) and submit for review by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Employees must complete and sign sections 1 and 2. Return to the doctor and request that they complete section 3. Fax the completed Continuation of Care/Transition of Care Form (PDF) to the appropriate number on the top of the form.

Once Blue Cross Blue Shield reviews the form the patient/employee will be notified if extended coverage time is approved. Contact Blue Cross Blue Shield Member Services at 1-855-397-9267 with any questions.

The Continuation of Care/Transition of Care Form (PDF) is available for download at