Our Brenau Faculty Are Ideal

To all faculty who took the time to complete the Brenau Faculty Database form, thank you.

We learned that we have a professor who reads, writes and speaks modern Greek, a faculty member who has traveled to every state in the USA and one who raises sheep.  We have a professor with 17 grandchildren and another with eight great-grandchildren. We have faculty members with over 50 years in their professions and authors, program starters, research masters, volunteers and specialists beyond compare. Our faculty team of gardeners, crime story enthusiasts, hikers, veterans, hunters, bakers, creators, healers, artists, international travelers, birdwatchers and musicians are true leaders in liberal arts education at Brenau.

You not only enumerated your professional credentials and areas of specialization, but you proved that together our faculty possesses many lifetimes of intellectual accomplishment and artistic expression. Your knowledge creates a rich context for a curriculum already steeped in the liberal arts, scientific inquiry and global awareness.

Thank you for your participation in this project as we build our database of adept, compassionate and professional academic leaders who cultivate the Brenau Ideal. The Office of Communications & Publications will be calling on you as needed.