Power Outage Scheduled Thursday, June 12

Georgia Power has informed us that they need to do further work on the same power lines that were serviced on Monday of this week. All buildings that lost power on Monday will be without power again on Thursday, June 12, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., possibly later. This includes the Trustee Library (including Thurman McRae & Redwine), Virginia Hall, North Hall, West Hall, and Tri Delta. The Library will be closed all day and evening on Thursday.

The Academy Building may or may not be affected; the power remained in service on Monday and may or may not do so again on Thursday. Offices in the Academy Building plan to remain open and will post signs if forced to close and move operations elsewhere.

Student printing kiosks in Owens will remain functional, but the Library kiosk will be closed. There will be no internet service to the Provost’s Office for the duration of this outage, however the power and telephones will be in operation if you need to contact them.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility as we continue work on the power grid.