Residential Students Donate Treasures to Local Charities

[caption id=”attachment_3572″ align=”alignright” width=”300″]LaurenBell No space left: Lauren Bell, director of student activities, fills up the van with goods donated by residential students. “I think I’ll walk back to the office,” she said.[/caption]

When a campaign titled “Don’t Trash It – Donate It!,” asks students to place items no longer wanted into drop boxes located in the residence halls – what is the greatest challenge? Like last year, the project ran during the two weeks of Women’s College move-out. Director of Sustainability Rudi Kiefer and Lauren Bell, student activities coordinator, did the final sweep of collection boxes. It turned out that the challenge was to not get lost in the many corners and hallways of Wilkes, Yonah, and West Hall. “There’s a lot of it up in Yonah,” said Alison Carling, residence life director, after her walk-through. Donations of clothing, shoes, hats, furnishings and more elements of dorm life soon filled up an entire Chevy van. 

The initial plan was to take donations to Gateway House thrift store, but the manager indicated that they were still filled up from the previous collection. Instead, one van load went to the Potter’s House of Atlanta Mission (, the organization aiming to reduce homelessness and unemployment. A second batch, already in storage at the Sustainability Center, will go to the Goodwill store in Oakwood.

“The City of Oakwood has been an active supporter of Brenau’s sustainability activities, including cleanup work at the bamboo forest, and most recently, the panel discussion at Brenau’s Downtown Center,” Kiefer said. “But the project owes special gratitude to Student Services for their assistance. Every time I called, someone was available with advice, to unlock doors or help carry boxes of donations. The collaboration between Student Services and this year’s sustainability activities has been exemplary.” 

Details for next year’s projects haven’t been finalized yet, but Kiefer said he is hopeful the “Donate It” campaign will be sponsored by a student group, like the Student Government Association or one of the sororities. “They’ve already been actively involved in activities on and off campus, including a field trip and tree plantings. The fall semester promises to be another exciting one,” he said.  

To learn more about the “Don’t Trash It – Donate it!” campaign and sustainability, visit or contact Dr. Rudi Kiefer at ude.uanerb@refeikr.