Special Opportunity for a Unique Brenau Golden Tigers Prestige License Plate

Brenau Golden Tigers License Plate Sample

Through a special arrangement with the Georgia Department of Revenue, Brenau University obtained the right to assign some low-number Brenau Golden Tiger license plates beginning with the letters “TGR” to individuals in the Golden Tigers family circle.

After using the first portion of those numbers for university-owned vehicles, we have decided to make available the balance of that low-number allocation available on a first-come, first-served basis to students, alumni, faculty, staff and supporters.

These will be THE ONLY Brenau plates with the letters TGR followed by a number from three numbers ranging from 027-100, and you will have to act now to reserve one of these low-number tags.

Visit https://www.brenau.edu/externalrelations/tigertags/ to fill out the secure confidential form with information the state requires.

This is the second-generation Brenau license plate, but is the first that will send revenue back to Brenau. The university receives $10 for every tag purchased and for every annual renewal. All proceeds will go directly to the annual scholarship fund for Brenau students.

If you do not get one of these new low-number tags, you still will be able to obtain a Brenau prestige license plate at any time from the main tag office in your county. However, all other tags in the series will be randomly generated combinations of three letters and three numbers.

Cost for the tags is $80 initially and $50 for renewal – plus all applicable fees and ad valorem taxes. If you already have renewed for this year, the state will prorate based on what you paid for your current tag. Then, you will renew every year on your normal renewal cycle.

Those who want to replace previous Brenau tags with the old logo with new ones may do so. However, you may continue to use the old Brenau logo tag, but none of the fees you pay will go to Brenau.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to show your Brenau Tiger stripes in a unique way.