SGA to plant trees on Earth Day April 22

On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 22, Brenau’s Student Government Association is conducting special Earth Day activities on campus. Following an outdoor dinner at the Amphitheater, SGA members will plant six trees at the Bioscience Field Station, next to the greenhouse and the Bamboo Forest.

The students are planning dinner at 5 p.m., and the tree planting at 6 p.m. Faculty and staff are also invited to stop by the greenhouse and watch the new trees go into the ground.

“We wanted to do something special on Earth Day,” said Jessica Anderson, SGA president. “So we’ll be planting three apple trees and three peach trees. We’ll also seed the new plant beds with plants that are likely to make it through the summer, even if it turns out to be a dry one.”

The apple tree has a special significance because it is also the symbol of the Celebrate Healthy North Georgia alliance, which is based on an initiative of the District II Health Administration of Georgia. It spans a 13-county area and unites healthcare officials, government administrators and higher learning institutions such as Brenau. For more information, seeĀ

“We’re proud to start these young trees at Brenau,” said Byronica Banks. “By the time they produce food, we’ll probably be alumnae, but they will be around for people to enjoy.” The trees will become part of a landscape layout designed by professor Teri Nye.

Current leaders of the SGA are Jessica Anderson, WC ’14, Byronica Banks, WC ’15, and Ayana Williams-Dyce, WC ’17.