Flex Spending Enrollment Happening Now

Employee flexible spending account enrollment is now open through May 6. To elect this option, complete the Election Form (PDF) and return it to Director of Human Resources Kelley Maddox before May 6. Please note that this will be a short plan-year; from June 1 – Dec. 31. 

Some frequently asked questions:
What is a flex account? The Health Care FSA is designed to help you pay for your family’s health care expenses that are not covered by a health, dental or vision insurance policy by allowing you to use tax-free dollars to pay those expenses. The plan will reimburse you for qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses for all members of your dependent family regardless of whether they are covered by your employer’s insurance plan.

How much can I contribute? $2,500 for medical expenses and $5,000 for childcare expenses.

When will benefits begin? June 1, 2014 (and continue through December 31, 2014.)

What about carryover? It rolls over to the following plan year even if the participant does not make an election for the following plan year. The rollover amount is up to $500.00. Any unused amount above $500.00 will be forfeited.

What about money in the current plan year? You have until May 31, 2014 to incur the expense and 90 days after that to file the claim (August 31, 2014.)

Additional questions should be directed to Kelley Maddox at ude.uanerb@xoddamk.