Brenau’s Alexandra Payne Working to Become Massage Therapist

[caption id=”attachment_3126″ align=”alignleft” width=”225″]Alex Payne's first day of clinic massage. Alex Payne’s first day of clinic massage.[/caption]

Alexandra Payne, office manager at Brenau’s Center for Health & Well-being, is reaching for a personal goal, becoming a licensed massage therapist. Payne has always wanted to be a massage therapist and her work schedule at Brenau gave her that opportunity.

As a student of the Hands on Healing Massage School, Alex is required to complete 500 hours of class instruction as well as 100 hours of massage to be eligible for graduation. Having completed the 500 hour portion of schooling, she needs willing bodies to work on for practicum hours and is hoping her Brenau family takes advantage of a win-win situation. One-hour massage appointments are now available at the student massage clinic for $25. 

Call 770-535-2044 to schedule a massage with Alex at the Hands on Healing Massage School, 2480 Limestone Parkway, Gainesville, Ga. Remember to request Alex Payne as your student therapist. 

“You can’t beat a $25 massage even if you are being worked on by a student. Hands on Healing Massage School goes above and beyond to make sure we are ready to offer quality massage to the public, and it’s a wonderful way to get pampered while a student earns required hours,” said Payne.