Torch? Smorch! Pass the T-shirt Cannon

The Brenau family officially bid adieu Monday to Senior Vice President Scott Briell in a Lockett-Mitchell Parlour reception. Briell leaves March 21 to take a position as senior vice president of enrollment and communications at Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Before he can depart, however, Briell had to take care of one very important piece of business: handing off his coveted t-shirt cannon to his replacement, Amanda Lammers.

Passing of the CannonThe cannon has been a staple at any event anytime there is a large assembly of students or prospective students.  It’s a very prominent feature, for example, at the freshman class pool party hosted by Brenau President Ed Schrader during the opening week of fall term. 

Briell confessed that he was always looking for excuses to use the cannon, but university officials “wouldn’t let me fire it off in Pearce Auditorium,” he said.  

At the reception President Schrader noted that Briell has helped the university a great deal during his time here, but he, like the pioneers who rolled west through Iowa during the early 19th century, is “always looking for that next adventure.”

Lammers, who has been Briell’s associate VP and dean of students, was the logical recipient. She has already been permanently named to position of vice president of student services. On Monday the president announced that Lammers will also serve as interim VP for enrollment until a suitable replacement comes on board. Briell as a senior vice president served over both departments.

Lammers, the president said, “continues to grow and demonstrate accomplishment in her chosen field. We are excited and gratified that she has agreed to further her career here at Brenau.”