Brenau Barbecue Championship on ‘Hiatus’ for 2014

Because of a spring calendar filled with significant university events, Brenau University announced today that the annual Brenau Barbecue Championship scheduled for Memorial Day weekend in Gainesville has been placed on hiatus – at least for 2014.

Brenau President Ed Schrader said the university needed to focus staff and resources this spring on the Brenau Gala on March 29 The Gala is “the most important social event of the year for Brenau,” Schrader said, “and making it a unforgettable occasion must be the highest priority for the university at this time.”

As the university marks its 135th anniversary, the elegant dress-up affair that celebrates both the public opening of the completely renovated Brenau Downtown Center for a new Doctor in Physical Therapy program, the premier of the “Manhattan Art Gallery” of New York-themed artworks from the university’s permanent collection, and Brenau’s vision for the future.

“We really hope that we can reintroduce the barbecue as a sustainable event,” Schrader said. “We appreciate the visibility that the barbecue brought to Brenau. It is a great, fun event for the community, and we would like to see it continue.”

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