Brenau University Posts Health Care Reform Symposium Videos Online

[caption id=”attachment_2536″ align=”alignright” width=”259″]State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on residents of Georgia. State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on residents of Georgia.[/caption]

As the Affordable Care Act continues to make its way slowly, and with significant issues, towards implementation, many Georgia residents are left in the dark about how the upcoming changes to the health care system will affect them. Brenau University, along with the Hall County Chamber of Commerce, has attempted to demystify the new legislation a little by posting a series of videos recorded at the Health Care Reform Symposium on Sept. 18 to our YouTube channel.

The symposium, which was part of a Brenau University Presidential Opportunity Grant awarded to Dr. David Miller, and co-sponsored by the Hall County Chamber, featured Dr. Ed Schrader, Mr. Steve McNeilly, Mr. Rich Sanders, Dr. Phaedra Corso, Mr. Ralph Hudgens and Mr. Rob Fowler speaking on a variety of health care related topics covering employers and health care providers and individuals. See the list below for speakers and their subjects.

Dr. Ed Schrader – welcoming participants to the new Brenau Downtown Center and reviewing the health care program offerings at Brenau
Mr. Steve McNeilly – explaining the the function of the Northeast Georgia Health Partners Network
Mr. Rich Sanders – providing an overview of the ACA employer mandates and the 18 major new taxes and fees
Dr. Phaedra Corso – examining the economic impact of the ACA including small business tax credits, the individual “mandate/tax”, employee qualifications for subsidies and the definition of full-time employee
Mr. Ralph Hudgens – discussing the opening of the health care exchanges and the various insurance products offered in Georgia
Mr. Rob Fowler – discussing the top 10 things employers need to know about the ACA.

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