Fair Street IB World School Mentors Wanted

Fair Street IB World School in Gainesville, Ga., is in search of male mentors for its elementary students. Fair street’s principal, William Campbell, said the goal is to make a connection with one student every week on a consistent basis. As an example, Campbell mentioned a possible connection could be having lunch or breakfast the student. The emphasis of the mentorship is placed on consistent presence in the child’s life through a weekly 30 minute to one hour interaction. 

A basic class and helpful information for those interested will be provided by Center Point, a non profit based in Gainesville aimed to help strengthen relationships between students and family, about what a good mentor can do for their mentee. A video of the benefits between mentors and students, featuring Campbell, can be seen at the link below. 


For more information please contact Campbell at ten.21ksscg@llebpmac.mailliw or 770-536-5295.